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We authorized an additional thyroid test for Zilla. He's got hypothyroidism. I called my mother up. "Your Granddog takes after you!" Who knows - I'll probably have it myself one day. He doesn't seem to mind or notice the pill. He just started taking it today and he's almost through with the antibiotic. I recently found out about an organization called The Magic Bullet Fund which helps families who can't afford to pay for all of the cancer treatments for their dogs.

Last night I was a crazy woman. I decided to wake up early and go to the vet's office before work to pick up Zilla's thyroid pills. I wanted to leave by 7:30am so I would have 30 minutes to get there and 30 minutes to get back. Shortly before 11:30pm I decide I better go to sleep. My husband can't sleep and eventually he leaves the bed. I wake up a few times. Zilla's on the floor. I look at the clock and return to sleep each time. At some ridiculous hour... say 3:30ish I hear Zilla whining. I invite him on the bed. He whines. I tell him Daddy will be back soon. He whines. I open up the baby gate and tell him to go downstairs. He just whines. All I can think of is how I get grumpy and sleep in when I keep waking up during the night. I run to the top of the stairs and encourage him to go downstairs to see Daddy. He bolts. That bunny butt is down the stairs and he's not looking back. Before he's hit the bottom step I've thrown myself onto the bed and gotten prepared to sleep. Next thing I know... Zilla's whining at me again. He's sitting on the floor, looking at the door and whining. The begging and pleading begins once more. When I'm about to throw clothes on to take Zilla outside, my husband comes up the stairs to get Zilla. Zilla not only willingly goes with him, he stays down there with my husband for a while. I feel like a mole person the entire time; too much light may shock me into waking up.

Her temple is having a Yahrzeit for my brother and grandfather this Friday evening. She didn't tell me about it since I just started my new job and she didn't tell my oldest brother because he usually works on Friday nights. The temple is in Springfield so I'd have to take the afternoon off work.

I've lost my book somewhere around the house after work yesterday. I think I'm about half way done with it.
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