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Writing Night

Oh, Sunday's breakfast was a little disappointing. We went to Northstar where I love their pancakes and bacon. The place was packed - people were standing all the way out the door. So we went to Bob Evans. At least I got to order only one pancake instead of ordering more than I can eat.

Due to a summer movie series, my husband didn't get to use his movie pick tonight, so we stayed home. We watched tv, ate, and I did some writing. I did a writing exercise, started a big boob story and worked a little on my Zilla essay. I think I'm going to give it to my critique group tomorrow.

Tonight we found my book.

On a really good note... I got paid today! I was told they keep one week back but that's not the case. So I got a nice 2 week paycheck due to a teensy bit of overtime and no benefits to pay for. In about two more weeks I get free cable! And health insurance. Woot! Woot!
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