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Couple Things

Hubby took me to Northstar Saturday for breakfast. It was yummy.

I have a problem figuring out kids ages sometimes. In front of us was a family with a boy and a girl. The boy seemed about five and still used his pacifier. The little girl seemed to be two and was still breastfeeding. When is it time to stop?

On Thursday I went to lunch with my husband's cousin. At my new company, a manager is supposed to take each new employee out for lunch. My manager planned on buying the department lunch but his daughter had some surgery on her nasal passages on the day he was going to do it. Since my husband's cousin is a manager, he bought me lunch! We went to Bodega where I had a yummy panini sandwich.

My mother and father-in-law returned from Ecuador. Our present was a cool cat mask for our wall. I setup a webcam for them so when they use Skype little ~C~ can see them.

I think ~E~ is avoiding me. I've called her twice at home and once at work since I left my old job and haven't heard boo from her. Not even an email to say she's been busy.

The show I've been totally into lately has been The World Series of Pop Culture on VH1. My WI friend sent the tryout information to us and I passed it along to a friend but none of us tired out for it. Now that it's in the semi-finals, the categories have gotten harder. For the most part, the questions are good ones. Pat Kiernan, the host, has a sense of humor. I like the format. When each contest goes up to the mike to play a category, it's like a spelling bee. :)
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