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A few weeks ago we saw Nacho Libre. There were some truly funny moments in it but it wasn't really my type of humor, I guess. On opening weekend we saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. I thought the fight scene on the island between Will, Captain Jack and (won't spoil it for anyone by giving a name) was just breathtaking. I saw Prime on DVD. It was played up as a romantic comedy in the trailers but it's really a family or romantic drama, I think.

*scratches her head* I feel like there are more movies to catch up on but can't recall what they may be.

I finished my mystery and have moved on to Girl in Hyacinth Blue by Susan Vreeland. It's going by quickly. It feels like a Red Violin ripoff though.

It's been hot out. When it's hot that means we tend to stay inside. My husband doesn't handle the heat very well. It's supposed to rain the next few days. Perhaps that means we might go see a movie or something.

Our anniversary is on Sunday.

I found a new way home the other day. It takes a minute off my driving time. *laughs* I also found a speed trap where the cops like to hang out.

The doctors found a spot on the lung of my husband's maternal grandfather. His first wife passed away from lung cancer. On Friday he sees the doctor to find out if it's bad news.

I came up with a great idea on my way home. My best friend says the thing she misses the most about tv in the US are the commercials. I should ask the people at my work for their favorite commercials and ask one of them to download them onto a vhs tape. I mean, we have literally thousands of commercials at our fingertips. Surely we could do something other than make soundbites with them?

This morning we watched the space shuttle land. It was really cool becuase we saw it from the pilot's point of view as well as from the POV of people watching from the ground.

Each morning we have The Today Show on in the background. It's really kind of a crazy show. Like last week Diane Lane sat there on an outdoor soundstage while she had her hair cut short.
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