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Just when I thought my dreams couldn't get any weirder...

Yesterday I had a dream about a dead Egyptian evil Prince.  It was really vivid and disturbing.  I wrote it down after I was at work for a while but I really should have written it down while I was at home to get more details.  The strange thing is that when one part happened I thought to myself, "There's the hook!"

This morning when I woke up I was sure it was a good idea.  I dreamt about work.  And Mark-Paul Gosselaar was one of my co-workers!  The two of us and a blonde woman were discussing the girlfriends of Christie Brinkley's soon-to-be ex-husband when we ran into one of the girls and her lawyer.  Because of the way we were dressed, her lawyer tried to hand us her testimony.  Then Mark-Paul Gosselaar morphed into Evil Dr. Will.  

We're in an isolated house with a bunch of strangers and he says to me, "You haven't seen Superman or any caped crusaders, so why don't you stuck your hand in my pants and check out my underroos?"  The amount of laughter that question elicited was just way too inappropriate on my behalf.  My thoughts were "I have to tell my husband this." and "Dr. Will was better looking on his original Big Brother season." 

It's time for bed and I get snuggled in for the night.  I catch a glimpse of some bright light from behind the window curtains.  I investigate.  We're in Paris!  Next to the Arc de Triomphe is a stage commemmorating Mozart's 250th birthday with fireworks.  A start snapping pictures.  Evil Dr. Will is upset at the angles I'm using.  

Next I'm walking with my husband and we decide to eat at a restaurant with middle eastern food.  The proprietor sits with us while we order and eat.  He gets fed too.  He sneaks little candies into various serving plates on my side of the table.  At the end of the meal I realize all I got was flat bread while he and my husband had rice and meat.  The check arrives and the proprietor is mysteriously gone.

I'm not eating anything weird before bedtime.  

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