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Last Sunday I went to another library in my neighborhood to do some writing. It was strange. The front room was like Hotel Cocoon. I was the only person under 60. The video department was all little kids. No one in between. The parents had to be hiding somewhere. The last time I was at this place, the wifi connection was really crappy. At first it wasn't much better. The library has great natural lighting. It made it difficult to see my laptop screen; it looked completely washed out.

My new health insurance doesn't kick in until the 1st and I don't have enough of my Pentasa left to take full doses between now and then. I haven't gotten the new medical card yet.

I was going to call the vet today about Zilla's teeth cleaning/growth removal but I got so busy in the afternoon I forgot.

Someone pointed out the pets on the Yahoo avatar so I updated mine. Yahoo! Avatars
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