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It's Friday!

Last night I played poker with my old boss for about an hour. I think he forgot my ID or "nickname" because he didn't say anything to me. Party Poker doesn't have private chat (I assume to keep people from cheating or trash talking) but he could have said hello.

I did have another dream last night but frankly I don't remember it. Since having the dream, Zilla proceeded to whine his way into a walk in the yard. He really needed to go but a walk outside at 4:30am and an awake husband using the computer just knocks the dream out of me. As usual when there are interruptions to my sleep, I didn't want to get out of bed today. It took me a while to get to sleep last night too. Zilla was snoring, which is unusual in itself, but it sounded like someone's nails running up and down a washboard. I hadn't thought of those in years.

Earlier this month I made an EBay purchase and I haven't gotten feedback yet. I just checked the person's ID and s/he hasn't left feedback for others since May 2006. I may not ever get it. It's those people with 900+ feedback who forget little people like me (with 10 feedback) sometimes get pushed out of auctions because we don't have 10 or 20 feedback.

Not sure what are plans are for tonight. I'll probably have to work late. One person is off for a funeral and my co-worker is supposed to pick up that person's work today.

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