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Illin', Workin' and Writin'

This morning I was so sick. I woke up around 4:30am coughing and my husband wondered if I was okay. "Um, it's just sinus drainage, dear." I took the last Allegra D until next month.

For breakfast I had a piece of buttered toast. At work I had a bottle of water and a hot chocolate. Just before noon I was cramping up and made it to the bathroom in time. For lunch I had a baked potato hoping it would settle things down. I dipped into my Pentasa bottle for a second pill. For the most part, it did settle stuff. I was worried I'd have to call in for the rest of the day, "Oh, by the way, I've not told you about this directly, but um..." Yeah. I'd rather tell my boss when I'm feeling okay.

He showed me today how to check our ftp site and a new report. The new report hasn't really been used before and he wants to see if it might improve the productivity of the encoders. I told him about the work habits of the encoders and how they don't seem as motivated to work ahead in the afternoons. While my cousin and I were talking yesterday he was asking if I was interested in a supervisor position under my boss. I think it would be fine but I think it's in another office and I love the location I'm in! My company is building a facility on my street but the plans are for my department to stay where we are. The customer service, billing, network services, and other departments are supposed to be in the new building.

Thursday I submitted my essay about Zilla and I received a confirmation email from the editor today. She's not read it yet but should have responses and contracts out in October. October! That seems so far away. I was supposed to get a mention in this week's newsletter but no such luck. Maybe next week?

Yesterday I got my act together and put together contest guidelines for my local writing group. We're not meeting again until October just before NaNoWriMo. Next week I'll start posting about the contest.
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