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Play It Again Sam!

The prompt or challenge this week for nanoljers was to take a picture, accurately describe it in 5 sentences, pick another picture and do the same thing.

I found that I really couldn't be accurate since everything was conjecture. But I found it somewhat liberating for my thoughts to just be able to describe something. Some of the pictures I looked at before choosing these two made me think of captions. One of my writing boards used to post a picture and ask for captions to go with it. I had forgotten how fun this was!

I picked this photo:
This family is going on a picnic.
The family is returning from a picnic.
The dogs are taking their owner for a walk.
The mother is half-heartedly following her son.
Her life partner is dead; the son misses his dad.
The dogs are following the scent of the boy on his bike.

The second photo is from: I chose image # 200368897-001.
The author is doing some office work.
This man is working from home.
He is a successful businessman with a home office.
His mother has just died and he's going through estate paperwork.
He finds taxes boring.
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