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Sunday So Far

Before going to bed last night I saw the weather advisory about the warm front and how that's going to set the temperature in the 90s for the next few days. About 2:30am I feel a hand petting my head. My husband woke me up because something was going on. I saw the little flashes of light through the blinds and thought it was a weird electrical storm or lightning. I told him about the warm front. "I don't think this is weather related." We peeked through the blinds and then we just opened them up on two of the windows.

The lovely part about living almost directly across from a restaurant/bar is that we never know when the patrons are going to intrude on our peace. Usually it's just drunks being loud. For some reason they think it's okay to yell down the street (to no one or their buddies). Um... buy a clue. The people in the apartments you are walking by are sleeping.

Two patrol cars with lights flashing were across the street. A car was pulled over and the officers were talking to a thin gentleman in a white t-shirt and baseball cap. We went back to bed but at one point I heard a woman yelling. For the next 30 minutes each time I woke up the lights were still flashing. I have no idea if the man was a patron of the restaurant or not.

Around 8am I went downstairs to sleep where it was a little cooler. Somehow it had gotten up to 89 degrees. I had a strange work-related dream about commericals but I don't remember anything about it. I woke up a few more times and eventually the dancing Corgi feet from upstairs woke me up for good. Zilla can give those hardwood floors a workout.

I was really groggy and felt like something was pushing down on me to keep me asleep. My limbs were heavy and my eyelids wouldn't respond. It's as if my body was under control of some supernatural being and not me. This is a reminder of how it feels when I have a flare-up. At least I'll have medicine soon and I'm not falling asleep at 9pm on the couch when I'm supposed to be spending quality time with my husband.

We went to Thurman Cafe today where I had half of one of their yummy hamburgers (next time I'll put a hold on the sesame seed bun) and their take on onion straws. Katzinger's was busy and we couldn't find anywhere to park. Club 185 was closed until 5pm. I may have mentioned it before... my husband gets to go to all these neat places for lunch downtown and in the nearby areas. I was looking forward to my new job as I would be able to have this same kind of fun. Well, other than one lunch at Subway with my co-workers and one lunch at Bodega with our cousin, I go home. Zilla loves the extra time with me and it's nice to just decompress. But I would like to have a lunch date now and then.

The Columbus Museum of Art is free on Sundays. We saw three exhibits. The first was In the American West: Photographs by Richard Avedon, the second was Uncommon Clothes: Photographic Inspiration and the third was the Ohio Art League's 95th Annual Juried Spring Exhibition. The Richard Avedon was the most interesting to me.

Afterwards we took some pictures of things around town.
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