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Zilla Update

Last night after work I stopped off at the pharmacy to get more Pentasa. I gave the pharmacist my new insurance card and he proceeded to change my information. He checked to make sure they had enough of my pills in stock. When he first tried to do the refill he was told he couldn’t because it had been exceeded. Then he was on the phone with UHC for about ten minutes, hung up and did some more stuff on the computer.  I never heard or saw him speak. He apologized for taking so long but I didn’t care. I told him he was wonderful! He even got it for me at a non-deductible price. It was only this morning I realized it was at my new co-pay price. I went in expecting to spend $118 and only spent $40. Terrific!
At home Zilla walked beside the coffee table to great me and stopped.  My poor furkid! He went in for a dental cleaning and the removal of the growth. Once our vet was poking around, he found three more growths and with my permission removed them. Zilla looked like he didn’t know what hit him. He was so quiet. Now I know what people mean when they get a rescue dog and say they don’t bark or make any noise. I sat down and he let me pet him before deciding he’d be more comfortable with his head on my leg while I continued petting him. 
Yesterday was hot and he really wanted some water but we had to restrict how much he could have. Each time he laid down, he’d make a combination grunt/sigh. His stitches and staples take up at least six inches of his chest. And he’s got a bulging piece of skin and muscle underneath one of his forelegs. I wouldn’t have been comfortable either. 
The homecare instructions said to avoid stairs. We decided my husband would stay downstairs with Zilla but around 2am Zilla had other ideas. I woke up and heard Zilla’s collar jingling. It was the last thing I expected to hear! 
My husband covered the floor with blankets and Zilla went to sleep. I know Zilla loves his routines but this seemed a little much. 
When I went home at lunch time, he was a little stiff-legged but otherwise was his normal bubbly self. And he’s starving. So tonight he gets more than a handful of food.  In about a week we'll find out if the growths were cancerous.
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