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Random Thoughts and Movie Updates

Twice this week I saw Melanie Griffith on tv. Body Double was on the first time and the second time was a snippet of her talking about Antonio Banderas after they fell in love. She's really become a caricature of her younger self with the plastic surgery and the botox/collagen work. But it's cool she has a banner link to fight Breast Cancer on her web site.

Zilla's moving around just as good as ever. He even lets me lift his leg so I can get a better look at his stitches and staples without protest. I bought him a new t-shirt earlier this week and it arrived today. It fits better but maybe a teeny bit tight. He lost two pounds since last month which the vet wanted. The vet wants him to lose another 4 pounds. I wonder how much those growths weighed?

I've had some writing thoughts percolating and while driving to the movies I had a realization about my relationship with my mother. Growing up, I was probably the closest thing she had to a "girl" friend so she shared a lot with me. I was a good kid and didn't get into any trouble. But there were times in high school and college when she and I just butted heads in a bad way. They were times when she wanted to turn the tables and be my mom or be a closer girl friend than I wanted or needed. I try to call her a few times a month now and I don't see her as much as she'd like me to but in the last five or six years she's really rekindled a friendship with an old friend she met through her first husband. I'm really happy for her. And she tells her friend things she used to tell me... and tells me stuff about her friend she can't tell to her face. :) This all came about because I was thinking about what I could contribute to an anthology on breast cancer.

Several weeks ago we saw The Fallen Idol which I enjoyed. The boy wasn't whiney like the one in Shane. Then we saw most of The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss with a young Cary Grant. We only left 10 minutes early so we could catch a showing of Lady in The Water. I had some of it ruined for me by the Today show. I enjoyed it, but don't know if it was wise to put on the screen a bedtime story he made up for his children. If I wrote down the stories I used to make up for the kids I babysat I'm sure they'd all be clunkers. The Strangers With Candy movie was a rehash of the first tv season. The things I enjoyed were few and far between. Last Friday we saw Miami Vice. I wasn't a fan of the tv show so I can't say how the two compare. Some of the cinematography was breathtaking but my husband told me it was shot on video. This Friday we saw Scoop. The laughs were even fewer than in Strangers With Candy. Woody was okay. Scarlett Johansson was trying too hard. Hugh Jackman played "the good looking man" which didn't require much effort on his part. It reminded me of his part in Someone Like You. Towards the end I knew things were bad when I got excited seeing Anthony Head in the small role of a detective. The only way to be able to sit through Monster House is if it's in 3-D. That was great. The movie wasn't so great. It did get me excited about seeing The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D. My first instinct was to reach out for the snowflakes in front of me but I kept my hands to myself.

I took my sinus medicine late today so I've had a headache most of the day. It's time for me to go to bed; my headache has come back, I'm getting cranky, and I'm making typos.
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