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I think today is going to be a bad day for my sinuses.  Last night I had a burning sensation in my nostrils like when you spew soda out of your nose.  I had some strange dreams involving my high school senior president.  At one point my husband nudged me and told me I was making a strange screaming noise.  It's hard for me to swallow and my ears feel plugged up.  I considered calling into work but decided to tough it out.  Today is our slow day.  :)

Yesterday at work was a pain for a co-worker.  Two of the encoders have been using our media station to surf the web and get to their webmail accounts.  One just learned how to do this a week or so ago and the other one has been doing it for a year or more. The media station got a virus.  The media station has several hard drives so it took most of the morning to find and get rid of all the viruses on it.  My co-worker was on the phone a lot of the morning while trying different things to get it up and running again.  This put the encoders behind since they couldn't get all of their work.  He blames one person but the blame really goes to the two people I think.  No one knows or monitors what sites they visit.

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