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For months and months we've been calling in gas meter readings and our gas company hasn't believed us. About two weeks ago someone from the gas company came and read the meter. Friday we got our newest bill... and we have a credit of over $300. We may not need to pay our gas bill until January 2007.

My temperature has been going up and down since yesterday and my sinuses are still wonky. I called in sick to work today. Last night I felt so achey I just wanted to sleep so I wouldn't have to feel it. For some reason, nearly every time I am sick some station is showing The Accidental Tourist. The antics of Edward just always cheer me up. The only thing staged is the biting scene. It's obvious to me, being one who has been accidentally bitten, that the dog held his mouth open and William Hurt placed his hand in it's mouth. William Hurt liked the Cardigan Welsh Corgi so much that during or after the filming, he got one for himself. I read an interview with Anne Tyler where she recounted why she kept going back to this dog and realized that it was angry at the world for Macon and the loss of Ethan.

Today was the day of the phone call from our vet. The growths don't indicate lymphoma. They seem to be a result of Zilla's hypothyroidism. Zilla's staples come out next week. If we have any questions, my husband can ask them at that time or we can give the vet a call.

My shipping labels for my snail mail writing submissions arrived today. Woo hoo!

Earlier this week I read and finished Blankets by Craig Thompson. It was a fast read.

Reading Wild Things something finally clicked for me. On a technical level my writing has been getting better but something has been missing. I realized it was characterization. In only a few of my stories does the reader connect with the characters or care about what happens to them. Now I've got something new to work with on the next short story.
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