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Saturday we tried to see Khabi Alvida Naa Kehna but it was sold out. So we went to an Indian grocery store to buy tickets for Sunday afternoon and it was sold out. We bought tickets for last night. My husband picked me up at 6:30pm so we could make it to the 7pm showing. After the intermission, waiting for people to get out of the parking garage, and getting my car from work it was about 11:30pm when I got home. I was tired! And hungry!

Each time we go, it seems there are more fair-skinned people like us. There are always cute little kids and this time was no exception. My husband and I joked that most of the families were bringing home little dead girls. There were so many out cold! I don't remember but I am sure there were quite a few times in my life where I was slung over my father's shoulder dead to everything else around me. That is what one calls "peaceful sleep".

This was the first time our rowmates were rude. There were 5 or 7 people in their 20s sitting next to us. The girl next to me answered her cell phone (and had short conversations) at least three times. The girl on the other side did the same and sent text messages. The two girls and another girl were talking very loudly after the previews were done at various points during the movie. And they kept randomly yelling out two of the character names to the movie screen.

It was the most melodramtic Bollywood film I've seen. The dance numbers were good. I especially liked the Dad's party and Disco dance numbers. Amitabh Bachchan can still do some moves in his 60s. My husband's grandmother was getting knee replacements around his age.

Samuel L. Jackson called me at work to invite me to see Snakes on a Plane. That was a highlight of my day. :) My husband sent it to me and then I just had to send invites to my coworkers but I couldn't see the site at work! So I sent them when I got home tonight. I don't know if the phone calls get sent immediately or if they they get queued up.

In the afternoon I got one of those ominous announcements, "I'm sending you an email." Then I heard, "Damnit! I found you in the global address book, why won't it send to you?" I wasn't sure what would be in the email... it could have been something gross, really inappropriate, or funny. It was that cute little puppy, Fluffy, that looks so pissed off and is the destroyer of worlds.

My co-worker says two garages are fighting over him right now on where he gets to start work on Monday. I'm thinking to myself, "Um... are you going to give any notice?"

Only one person at work noticed my new hairdo.

Since I've qualified for my free cable (with the works) I've not taken advantage of it at all. I've seen one thing and it was an episode of Sexual Healing. It shows the therapy sessions and homework of three couples who see a sex therapist. At the end is an update on the three couples. The episode we watched, one couple had sex all the time with no intimacy, one couple had sex sporadically, and another were trying to have a baby but the man had never seen the woman naked. It's an hour, I think, but the editing is well done and gives a good look into the dynamics of the relationships. It was no surprise to find out one particular couple were in the midst of a trial separation when the show reported their update.

I still have no idea what I will do with my WI friend tomorrow.

Zilla had his staples removed today. My husband said Zilla was a good boy! The vet took the staples out while my husband held Zilla. It caused some new bleeding. Zilla's hair grew more quickly than the vet thought it would. He did not try to bite or growl at the vet at all. In fact, while the vet was cleaning up the dried blood, Zilla was trying to lick his hands! My husband thought Zilla would be taken to the back room to have a vet tech help with the staple removal... so he brought a book to read that didn't get read. I guess the staff made a fuss over him. He is one of their favorite patients. One of them named her cat Catzilla because of him. Am I repeating myself?
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