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Almost the Weekend

Yesterday was yet another company meeting celebrating customer service. Everyone who was nominated for the 1st and 2nd quarters received a certificate and a candy bar. The person who won for the 2nd quarter received a banner with her name on it and a $50 American Express card. After the meeting our receptionist came by with our Fed Ex and UPS packages (I usually pick them up at her desk) and had something for me! One of our marketing people in WV sent me a dozen Fairytale Brownies. I had one and offered the rest to the receptionist and my department. There were still four or five I brought home.

Our retiree temporary employee has a last day of Friday but that may change. It seems the co-worker who has been looking for a new job didn't really get one. I think the National Guard wants him for six to eight months to drive trucks at $20.43 an hour. He'll still stay an employee of my company during this time. Yowza! But because he used all of his vacation already he won't get double paid. So we need the temporary back but she's already been offered a job for next week.

Last night we had dinner at Wolfgang Puck's Express with my WI friend and her husband. Then we walked over to Graeter's for ice cream. Around 10:30pm they left for her mom's house. That's where they usually stay when in town and the kids were probably up when they got home. Everything about the evening was nice but I must say that the service on the patio at Wolfgang's leaves something to be desired. No one came by to see if I wanted a takeout box for my food and when someone came by to see if it could be cleared away I was just ready to not see it anymore. I had enough chicken to still pick at a little for lunch and a good amount of french fries.

Today we had a team meeting about quality control and some equipment we'll be getting to view stations in other markets. So we can watch the ads in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Clarksburg, Eric, etc. from our workstations. Pretty cool.

No one at work seemed to appreciate their Samuel L. Jackson phone calls like I did.

I didn't take my Allegra D today until late so I've had a sinus headache. I hope the Tylenol will work soon. This morning I was running late so I ate two pieces of toast while driving to work. By lunchtime I felt shaky (though I wasn't) and was worried I was going to faint.

I'm feeling a bit rushed and overwhelmed because I haven't gotten the writing done I wanted to this week.

Other than movies at my husband's work I have no plans for the weekend. And it feels lovely.

I do need to do some grocery shopping, though. Bleargh!
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