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Saturday Update

The Tylenol worked and my headache went away. Yay!

Our neighbor at the end has had a little visitor for the last few days. It's a dachsund named Frankie (short for Frankfurter). I haven't seen her, but I hear her bark in the mornings and when I come home for lunch. Zilla and my husband met her. Frankie was left near someone's backyard. She was taken to the shelter to see if she'd been microchipped. No chip. Flyers didn't produce results and the people who found her couldn't keep her. My neighbor can't keep her either but it looks like her boss will take Frankie. Yay!

I just heard my husband yell at Zilla and tell him he was a bad boy. Now Zilla is protecting the top of the stairs. I can't decide if that's good or bad.

This morning I played a tournament in Full Tilt Poker. There were 248 people and I finished 110. The final 27 people got money. My last two hands were the worst... when I was down to 25 chips I had a pair of fives and meant to bet it but hit fold by mistake. I had no choice but to go all in on the next hand since I was the small blind. Argh!

I slept in past 8 o'clock today. Yay!

I had a nap today. Yay!

My husband got his hair cut this morning and is looking particularly handsome. Yay!

Happy Birthday to kaydren. Yay!

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