dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Morning Mumbles

When I got home last night I told my husband I would lay in bed with him but I didn't want to take a nap. Guess what? I napped for about 2.5 hours.

It was another tv watching night. Last night's Big Brother had to be one of the funniest episodes I'd seen in a while.

While catching up on our day, I told the hubby about I knew he would find it all corny; he asked me if she was the Gary Busey of acronyms. He had a point and it made me laugh. I threw out an old pair of tennis shoes and found a pair of unworn shoes still in the box; hubby is supposed to decide if he'll wear them or not. I told him about going to bed with a clean kitchen sink and guess what? He made sure it was empty when we went to bed. :)

Happy birthday to mehitobel!

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