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It's Friday - Weekend is Close!

I was going to write about my gastro appointment yesterday but I didn't get home until 8pm and didn't want to do much. Hubby was in Cleveland and I didn't want to spend the time watching a movie. I ate dinner around 9:30pm. Hubby left there later than planned and instead of coming home around midnight showed up sometime after 1am. He called to check on me at 10:45pm. When I didn't answer the phone he left a message. Which I didn't hear until 11:30pm. At that point he'd called two more times, didn't leave messages and was starting to freak himself out. What a sweet husband!

Except for a wine carafe, I did empty the sink before going to bed. I had to laugh at my FlyLady reminder to go to bed at a decent hour. It was midnight and I agreed that a good night of sleep would be needed for today, but I knew with barky Zilla and no husband it would be difficult. This morning I am tired. After 30 minutes I am starting to wake up. It's casual day and I really don't feel like doing the whole makeup thing.

Zilla will be a happy Corgi today. Hubby took today and Monday off work. I think today is when Zilla gets his thyroid levels checked again. I probably have that wrong, though.

Yesterday was very active in LJ land. I didn't get a chance to check it while at work and I came home to over 40 friends posts. :)

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