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I'm Tired and Full of Rambles (As Always)

Yesterday my sweet husband gave up some of his day off to meet me for lunch at Old Bag of Nails. We went after the lunch crowd so service was pretty quick and I didn't have to leave for work before the check came. It was very leisurely and I felt like a naughty girl.

I was nervous about work today because I was invited to a meeting and as it turned out, I had no idea what we were talking about! Apparently when commercials don't air like they are supposed to, the account reps can still make good on those commercials through a verification process. Sometimes a tone doesn't sound signaling the end of the station broadcast, or the commerical played too many/not enough times to meet the contract's needs. So I got to learn more about the business today.

Mostly I've been sticking with the FlyLady's clean sink, but I've not been able to do everything else I'm supposed to do to get into good habits. The apartment is looking better but I'm certainly not happy with it yet. Some of it is finding what works; like Monday is designated as the day to change the bed sheets, empty all the trash cans, and vacuum the floors. I think I'd do better to do this on Sunday when I'm not tired after work.

My husband had some hip x-rays taken today. I took a peek. He has sexy hip bones. :)

I re-listed a pair of earrings on eBay earlier this week and now I have bids on both earrings I'm selling. That made me really happy.

One of the tv shows we've been watching is High Stakes Poker. I like how relaxed the players are with each other. They joke around and you get to see more of their personalities. During tournament play they can be really stiff and serious.

We did watch the Emmys on Sunday which was strange for us. Usually we don't watch them. Usually the Golden Globes, Oscars, and the closing Cannes ceremony are what we watch. As my husband's dislike for the shows, the popular tastes have grown and the hosts for the preshows get worse, I get to watch less and less of the Golden Globes and the Oscars. And IFC stopped airing the Cannes ceremony. However, since I will get to see the dresses in their real colors the next awards season might be different. Whee! Now that Star Jones' life seems to be falling apart professionally I might get to see Kathy Griffin again at the Oscars.

Last night I priced airplane tickets to Washington for the annual Halloween party of friends. I was happy to find them for $178. Now I just have to see about getting time off work and confirming the date of the party. I would have to leave on a Friday and come back on a Sunday or Monday. Friday is our busiest day; I will have used my 2 personal days at that point, and I still need time off right before the new year for the family friend's wedding. I will earn something like 5 vacation days this year and those can go fast if I'm not careful. Technically I haven't "earned" any yet even though I've been there about 2 months.

Tonight I was getting ready to tell my husband our dinner options when I heard a knock at the door. Lasagna-style pizza and wings delivered by Pizza Hut! I didn't try the pizza.

Tomorrow morning I get pictures of my stricture. Woo Hoo! I love the taste of barium (not!).
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