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Mostly Medical Stuff

I was told I set a record for barium drinking. Two cups in five minutes. It was a little bit sweeter and a lot less chalky and chunky than last time. As always, everyone at the health center was nice. The woman who escorted me back remembered my husband from last night. My time with the barium started at 8:22am and I left the hospital grounds at 10:30am after visiting with my mother-in-law. So this visit was a lot less time than the last. I walked a little bit to get the barium moving. Laying on the right side and thinking of yummy, delicious food are two tricks that work also. I know my gastro will want to do another colonoscopy. The radiologist doctor saw the old x-rays and was concerned at first since she knew what the stricture looked like last time. And when the barium got all over my insides everyone had a surprise. My stricture is gone. That's right... the stricture the width of a #2 pencil is gone. Gone! I still have a small area near the end of the large intestine that seems to have some scarring. Months of steriods, the right diet and the right medication does a body good, I guess. Now when my mom tries to tell me I should take probiatics I can just give her the finger instead of being polite, non-committal and nonconfrontational. I can just say, "I've done everything my gastro asked me to and I'm doing great. I don't need to monkey with it, thank you."

Hubby found out he does indeed have a kidney stone - in his kidney! It will get the sonic wave treatment and then we'll see what happens after that. The doctor thinks the recent pain was from passing another kidney stone.

Since I was home he came home for lunch. We napped most of the time he was here.

I watched Something New this afternoon. It had potential but the end just kind of wrapped itself up a bit too neatly and quickly for my tastes.

I'm on the fence about my Maryland trip now. With so much medical stuff for us both and my husband's Toronto trip I would probably feel better financially staying at home.
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