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So today was the start of the OSU Football season. And where did it find us? At the movies, of course! We saw The Illusionist. I knew it was a stylized film and it had a fair review from xeyda. When I saw it was based on a short story by Steven Millhauser I perked up a bit. It was certainly a good piece of entertainment.

Friday night I was at work until nearly 10pm. According to my boss there were another 130 spots that needed to be encoded for Sunday and Monday. I really wasn't needed for that long. The last two hours were spent putting tapes in boxes, and doing weather crawls for later in September. He bought us lunch from City Barbecue. I spoke to him about going to Maryland in October and he didn't have a problem with it. And he said that the time off in December for the family wedding wouldn't be a problem; we're not busy right before New Year. The encoders were supposed to come in on today and Sunday to finish the spots.

I'm learning how to use Quicken. We have Quicken 2004 at home and since I'm taking over the bills now I'm trying to figure out all the features it has that we didn't really utilize before. I read the newer version has an easier backup system but I'm not ready yet to buy a newer version.

The last few days I've not done any cleaning. Since my in-laws will be here from Ecuador I was hoping that we could have them over for dinner one night. They haven't been over in years and even if they were to decide to leave ~C~ with my parents-in-law they could just relax. When we went to NorthStar one night for dinner, the four of were talking so long we closed the restaurant. It would have been natural to invite them over but we don't have anyone over. Thinking about all the cleaning that needs to be done to make a few rooms presentable for company just made me feel overwhelmed and I shut down. I just have to remember that I need to take baby steps.

We watched the VMAs the other night. I hardly knew any of the bands and I only knew one video. So it was rather boring overall, though I liked The Raconteurs as a house band.
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