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Monday Musings

I was pointed to Miss Snark's Blog because she's doing her crapometer for query letters and first pages of novels. It's been rather interesting reading.

Last night we watched Girl 6 which I enjoyed. I was a little confused at first by the main character wearing so many wigs and having so many jobs. It made me think the movie was going to be about three different girls. The soundtrack was awesome, even if Prince didn't add any new songs.

Yesterday was Andre Agassi's last professional game and I feel like I let him down because I didn't watch it. Hell, I didn't even know it would be his last one. I was interested in tennis in high school and college in no small part to him. I mean come on... the jean shorts, the long hair, the little dangly earring and those dark brown eyes? He was a hottie. When Andre first cut off all his hair into the little fuzz cut, my husband did the same thing not long afterward. It remains a good look for my main squeeze.

When I was between my sophomore and junior years and a RA in college, my friend and I spent the summer on campus. In the dorm was a set of roommates who had been together since our freshman year. I had a crush on one and she had a crush on the other. We'd watch them play tennis from her window and we started playing with them. Since it was the summer the student population was mostly international students. It was a fantastic, magical summer. A group of us would gather in the roommates' room for movie night. One week we watched The Godfather (I and II) with a running commentary to explain the culture to the international students. A few nights later "Action Jackson" brought a Taiwanese ghost story for us. He provided his own running commentary on it for us. The classes weren't difficult. As the only two RAs, my friend and I ruled the dorms but were having such a great time because there weren't more than 15 students. That summer I turned 21 and was thrown my very own surprise party in one of the largest empty dorm rooms. Unfortunately the events that followed that night included underage drinking, someone throwing up in a sink, and a Lebanese "friend" threatening to wire a bomb to my car. I repressed the memory of that party for a long time. That summer I dated a lawyer, and my now husband who was then my friend, moved me into my new dorm room at the end of the summer. And I got to see Jim Courier and Andre Agassi do a Big Bear exhibition match.

I continued playing tennis that school year. Sometimes you have to say goodbye to people, places, and things whether or not you realize it's time. It's probably past time for me to let someone else have that tennis racket; I hung it up a long time ago.
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