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Catching Up With Me

Wednesday I had my work lunch. The sales person, her manager, and a new sales person took four of us from the office to Cap City Diner. I was going to be boring and get the hamburger when I decided to try the Spicy Chicken Rigatoni. It was wonderful. However, it didn't like me. Either the cream was too fatty or the poblano peppers were too spicy.

They brought two boxes of Busken's iced cookies. (I still have one ready to eat for later.) The people from Cincinnati were so nice. It's easy to see why they are salespeople. They seem like they would get along with just about everyone. Most of the lunch time conversation was monopolized by one of the women in my office. She talked about her success and failures with internet dating, her new fiance (who proposed to her at The Wizard of Oz screening at The Ohio Theater), living with her fiance and her future mother-in-law, and at the end she was just getting started on her neuro-muscular issues that none of her doctors can figure out.

The lunch was probably one of the highlights of my week. I was feeling a lot better (not quite 100%) when the food didn't agree with me later. That night I didn't get hungry again until nearly 10pm. To mark my first night without my husband, I had 3/4s of a frozen pizza. :)

I've heard several people say dogs have no concept of time. That may or may not be true. I'm no expert. But I can say that Zilla is aware of patterns and behaviors. He heard me leave in the morning. He saw my husband leave with a suitcase. (Zilla associates suitcases with car rides or absences.) I didn't come home for lunch and I left work a little late. When I got home on Wednesday night he greeted me with such relief! His little nub was pointed up and wagging back and forth. The entire Corgi body was wiggling. I was given an uncountable number of kisses. I can only think he thought my mother or someone else was going to come see him. The rest of the night he was on alert for my missing husband.

I tried to buy my airplane tickets for Maryland. For some reason, Delta can't verify a credit/debit Visa card so I had to make a payment on my Mastercard which won't show up until Monday. That made me mad to have to shuffle money around like that.

Thursday I didn't want to get out of bed. Zilla's restlessness caused a sleepless night for me. It seemed like forever, but his walk around the block was only five minutes. I think he was sleepy as he's usually not up and about that early in the day.

At the lunch on Wednesday I got to meet two of the finance people. I saw one in the copy room and we were joking about how good it was to see each other after so long when she asked me if the monopolizer got on my nerves. So we talked about that and I found out the woman's fiance isn't divorced yet though the marriage is over. Then our HR person came in and I got the scoop on her. I thought her "roommate" was a euphemism but I thought wrong. The entire time I'm listening thinking, "You have to write all of this down in your writing journal when you have a chance." Some of the stuff the two of them said about dating and finding a good Christian man with little baggage I could not have made up. Some of it I could.

Throughout the day it's become apparent that I have a problem. It began last weekend when hubby and I went to the movies. When we left I bought a large popcorn. Sometime that night I got several kernel skins caught in my gums. With brushing and flossing, all but one has come out. If I don't move my jaw periodically then it gets stiff on the left side. I could barely eat anything on that side of my mouth. Lunch was McDonald's. Dinner was Pringles with hot sauce. I still think it's a kernel skin but the worst it could be is TMJ, right?

I wanted something light and not necessarily filling so I watched Ultraviolet for some Milla action and got the nice surprise of William Fichtner. The movie was okay and I'm a little tired of Cameron Bright at this point.

My WI friend sent me a link to a photo album of her daughter's birthday which made me happy. Then I realized I couldn't see it without signing up for an account. Blech. I'll probably do that later this weekend.

Friday I made a dental appointment for Saturday. I was late to work because I couldn't find my keys. So I took my husbands and haven't had a chance to look for mine. Later today should be good. I took a little longer at lunch and then Ms. Brusque at work was trying to tease me about it. I just wanted to smack her across the face. But I smiled instead and politely laughed at her joke. At 10pm I was thankful I took a little long at lunch. At 10:30pm I was even more thankful. For a while I was a little mad - 9am to 10:50pm is a long day - but it wasn't any one particular person's fault. It was the fault of technology. One area of Ohio just didn't have any spots for a long time and by the time it was figured out, the commericals kept coming and coming.

The news story that's caused a kneejerk reaction of disgust and anger this week is the alleged sexual assault in Milwaukee of the 11-year-old girl. With possibly fifteen teenage boys, one teenage girl and one adult involved at least one person should have had some sense. I nearly threw up when I read about it. How is that for a character? One who can't read the bad news because it makes them ill? Today it came out the 11-year-old girl was born HIV positive and her mother died of AIDS.

Children and animals can't speak for themselves and must rely on others to keep their best interests in mind. It's not right for the powerful to take advantage of the powerless. (I know... government does that, but it's not as obvious I guess as it is with children and animals.)

The news story that uplifted me was of the jilted bride in Vermont. Today was supposed to be her wedding day. She found out six weeks ago the groom-to-be was cheating on her so she told him goodbye. When she found out she wouldn't be reimbursed for the reception of the block of rooms she and her mother decided to do something good. The 180-person reception is now a benefit for the Vermont Children's AID Society and CARE USA. 125 women were invited for drinks and the four-course dinner. Woo hoo!
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