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Saturday Afternoon

Today is my mother's birthday. She's happy I gave her a call.

The dentist said I seem to have worked the popcorn kernal skin out but even using Listerine, the bacteria found a way in. I have a whitehead on my gum. A pimple! On my gum! That just sounds ridiculous. I'm on an antibiotic for the next week and a half. Unless I figure out I'm allergic to it. haha

I bought a pencil/pen cup holder for the office and realized that our pencil sharpener is dead. I eyed some label makers while at the store but couldn't decide. One of them can make the skinny labels for CD holders and I'm on the fence as to whether or not my husband would need that feature. He thinks I want one because of all the cleaning shows I've been watching recently, but I remember looking in a closet at my friend's house in WI and thinking, "Oh! She's got a label maker!"

I watched November which seemed to be all style and no substance. When I found out at the end what really happened that night, I thought, "Damn. I could have taken a nap."
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