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Saturday Night

I am going to have a good night's sleep tonight.

During the OSU vs Texas game I watched The Woodsman. It was well done.

I did some cleaning in the dining room but really caught fire in the office. I spent several hours working on the desk area. It's an L-shaped desk and I'm pretty much done with one of the legs. :) I have cancelled checks and bank statements from 2001. Some people say to hold onto them for 3 years or 7 years. I think the old ones are going into one of those plastic container boxes and into the basement. At work I have a bunch of rubber bands which would have been perfect for binding them together. Instead I worked with what I had around the apartment; and they are tied up in blue ribbon like love letters.

Tomorrow will be more cleaning but I am planning on treating myself to a movie. Well, if I don't get to a movie tomorrow, then I'll go on Monday. I have one of those AMC rewards for either a free movie or a large popcorn and large drink. I still have my popcorn from last weekend!
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