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Sunday Morning

Before my husband left for Toronto he finished reading my book. As good husbands do, he had kind things to say. He said the best parts were the ones I knew something about from real life and expanded upon. And the characters seemed like people he knew. That was after the obvious "You repeat yourself and it's obvious that you didn't write it under the best of circumstances or give it a good editing." I guess I had set him up to think it was completely unreadable.

Yesterday I followed up on a June query to an editor for writing book reviews. No word yet but I wasn't expecting any so soon.

Driving home from shopping I saw someone in their chef's whites walking down 5th Avenue with a Cardigan puppy! It was fawn colored and had the tell-tale white dip spot on the tail. It was so small it could have fallen into the storm sewer if the walker wasn't careful.

Off to do morning stuff before the movies.
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