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As I expected, my allergies from the dust in the office are acting up. I put our small hepa air filter in there all day but maybe I need to get the big one.

This afternoon I went to see Little Miss Sunshine. filmmaker raved about the ending and he was right. While every family member seemed to have a blindness about something they all loved little Olive. The ending shows it beyond a doubt. I found myself laughing at the absurdity and crying at the non-sentimentality of it. Three minutes and twenty-one seconds couldn't have seemed more like twenty minutes if the directors had put the song on loop.

Later in the afternoon I watched March of the Penguins. I fell asleep during it. Later when I went back to watch the part I missed I fell asleep again.

In case you want to know how many calories you can burn butchering animals, here's a link for you. In all seriousness, the list of activities is huge. I figured out when I cleaned office buildings I was burning over 4k in calories each night I worked. No wonder I lost weight.

I saw a cat on that made me think of the Japanese comic, Who's Michael?

The house that was torn down and is now a lot with a piece of plumbing now has stakes on the back part of the lot. Across the street from us has been an empty building. I noticed earlier this week the Lease signs were removed from the windows. This weekend I noticed the Lease sign out front is gone. I wonder what will be there next? First it was an appliance repair center (with apartments above) and then it was a furniture store.
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