dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

On the Go!

So far this week seems to have flown right by more quickly than I could have ever imagined.

Monday was kind of a nightmare as far as work goes; I just had too much crammed in together and had stuff going on non-stop.

I keep thinking today is Thursday. I have no idea why.

We've been invited to a Day-Before-Thanksgiving Pot Luck. We went to it or something similar last year hosted by the same family. Guests are mainly people from the arts community (musicians, critics, artists, etc.) and they're generally very nice but at some point it's easy to run out of things to talk about. The good thing is that the family has a pre-teen daughter who can usually spark conversation. Usually she doesn't know it. I thought we'd show up for a few hours but my husband was thinking we wouldn't go.

This weekend I am going to see the Rockettes with my mother-in-law. One thing I have been thankful for over the years is the loving extended family I have in my in-laws. While I may not agree with them on everything and they know I don't, they still love me. Sometimes I think they know me better than my own family.

I've found a new writing message board that I'm going to give a try for a while. It's called Ink Slingers, Inc. So far I've only participated in minor topics and threads but hope to soon see my way into actually doing some writing and critiquing with them. They don't specialize in any single genre or theme. Some of the writers have published ebooks. Everyone has been very friendly so far.

Tonight is the beginning of the next Amazing Race. I have an EverQuest Guild Gathering in Thurgadin tonight so I'm not sure if I'll watch half and then watch the rest afterwards or just watch it all afterwards. One of my guild members inquired on how to get some new members and I let him know that we needed to do things together, invite others to interact with us, etc. so I made the Guild Gathering tonight an open invitation to other role-players on our server. I have no idea how many will show up. The last organized guild event had two attendees (which included the planner) and we cancelled our Samhain aka Halloween celebration due to lack of interest.

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