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My Thursday

Still behind on my f-list. Sorry!!

Hubby had his sonic wave treatment yesterday. I took off work part of the day and was gone longer than I intended. Hubby is even more cuddly when on pain medicine. The doctor said he did great and hopes the pieces of stone will pass during the next three weeks before the follow-up appointment. More x-rays will show how he did.

I should have taken the entire day off. He was in and out of sleep after coming home, but at one point he ran into the Ikea CD holder I had (purchased and put together while he was away) given him for his birthday. The back fell off and all of the CDs came tumbling out. He's not supposed to lift anything heavy for a few days - the bending over and up and down motion while on the Percocet kinda made him feel a little woozy. If I had been home I would have taken care of it so he could rest.

I realized yesterday that while I find my husband a funny man, when he's in pain he's really "on" trying to entertain me as a way of thanking me for taking care of him. That's another reason to take the day off if this happens again - I know when he's not sleeping, I'll be thoroughly entertained.

Due to all of the waiting around, I finished the book I've been reading - more on that later.