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Not Much to Say This Morning

I completely forgot yesterday was Columbus Day until I tried to go to the post office and it was closed. Work went so smoothly I thought I'd get to leave at 5:30pm but then something happened at the end. I haven't left work at 5:30pm since August 21st. I should have known better. My boss noticed my hair cut.

I thought we were going to do something with my brother-in-law and his wife but we didn't. I was in a weird mood because we ended up watching tv and I had psyched myself into doing something different. I did spend some time on my Halloween costume and it's nearly finished. The USB drive is no longer missing.

EzBoard finally applied my 6-month payment to my global ID though of course they didn't give me an extra week of membership.

I don't have much cause to use my Spike Userpic so now and then I just have to bust him out. :)

I guess this post had a lot of "I" in it, huh?