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Kinda Normal Thursday

During the normal course of the day I walked 1.77 miles. I gained a few pounds during my vacation but I've lost them again. I haven't really stepped up my activity. I think it's from the large amount of water I've been drinking. I purchased the blue water bottle from FlyLady and I love it with one exception. It would be nice if it fit in the cup holder of my car. When it starts rolling around on the passenger seat or the floorboard I worry about water spilling out (even though it hasn't happened).

This year we are celebrating Christmas a little early (November 19th) with my great-nieces and great-nephews. We originally agreed on this because my husband and I were supposed to be in Ecuador for the holiday. After our plans changed, my mother still wanted to go ahead with it. There are now four of them and so far only one "bad apple". By that, I mean jealous, selfish and doesn't like to share. By, that might be different when the teenage years hit, huh? Just about the only time she sees them they are all together so she doesn't get to know them individually and that many kids between the ages of 1 and 7 really frazzle her nerves. My mother is a quiet woman but likes to feel like someone is around. She was a stay at home mom and often kept the television running so she'd have company. I sometimes find myself doing that too when my husband is gone but I try my best to turn it off if I'm not going to be watching it. During the last two months I've picked up a few things for two of them but I really don't think they're all that great so I'm trying to come up with ideas. From FlyLady's page I got a great gift idea for my mother and my sister-in-law. Love jars. Each one will be filled with 52 happy memories or reasons why they are loved.

Work went well. Our temp's last day is tomorrow and the full-time person starts on Monday. Twice this week I've left at 6pm.

I haven't wanted to get up in the mornings - I think I'm trying to pack too much into my day by staying up too late (like right now). I want to stop at Tim Horton's on the way to work tomorrow.

Oh, and I noticed yesterday while I was looking for inexpensive gas... the old Tim Horton's on King that's been turned into a Thai restaurant called Thai Thai was packed. Granted, it was the dinner hour but I can't remember the last time I saw 11 cars in the parking lot (they have about 15 parking spaces).
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