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NaNo Day Two, Work and Vegas

I knew yesterday afternoon at work was so slow that something had to be wrong. It was and I walked into a lot of work this morning. I was upset and trying to hurry to get things done and our new person didn't understand the severity of it until someone pointed out that for every commercial that doesn't air we don't get money. Our director bought everyone lunch today (what... 60 - 70 people?). Someone asking me how I was doing and truly caring about the answer combined with a co-worker telling me the pizza was here and I should go get some got me crying. After cleaning up in the restroom I headed into the room with the food and one of the guys was giving me hand signals on where to find it. And later when I was getting something to drink someone else asked me if I got any food. Then a manager came by to see if I had gotten some. It took so much willpower not to cry.

Sure, I stayed until 10:30pm on Halloween and had to cancel my evening plans. Sure, I stay late a lot of nights. But I am still so thankful to work with the people I do. I didn't dress up on Tuesday because I had asked a few people if the company did anything for the holiday and I was told no. So imagine my surprise when the building landlord had a cookout for everyone with costumes encouraged! I made it downstairs about 30 minutes after it started. It was raining so the food was inside on tables for us while one gentleman was grilling outside. I thought I was lucky to have gotten the last hamburger - the rest were cheeseburgers - but I was in for a surprise. When I took a bite of my hot dog I realized it was no hot dog. It was a Bahama Mama! If I'd known I would've had two of those. What was truly surprising is that they brought coolers of drinks... and they were cold even though there was no ice in the coolers. Where were the coolers stored?

My inner editor did leave me alone most of the night. My total word count is 897. It's not much but I'm happy with it. Not only is it more than I wrote last night, it's also words I wrote after 10pm. I usually can't get more than 50 words out after 10pm.

A few months ago my best friend announced she is getting married. We received our invitation and the wedding will be in Las Vegas just before Valentine's Day. She called me from Germany on Sunday and we spoke for about an hour. We don't get to talk as often as we'd like, but it's nice to know the bond is still strong. I told my husband I would plan this trip for us, so I am checking out poker tournaments and have reserved some books from the library.

The last time I was in Las Vegas was between my 21st birthday and the month I began dating my husband. I try to live my life without regrets but I do regret not going to my grandmother's funeral. I should have said to heck with work and my customers. My grandmother was too ill to travel by the time I was married but she would have liked my husband. Part of me wants to show my husband the house my grandfather built and where my father grew up. And wants him to meet my aunt and uncle. Another part thinks it would be an intrusion.

Yesterday evening I saw the headline about Prince in Las Vegas and I laughed. I am certain it would be quite a show but I've already seen him once in concert. I don't think I need to pay $125 a person to see him again.
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