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In May 2006 the following question was posed to the members of the writing board.

Who are your writing heroes? People you challenge you to write better, or writers that have had significant impact on your writing style or your writing career.

I finally answered in October and thought I'd share.

John Irving - for his dry sense of humor that takes joy in the most absurd things, such as a farting dog named Sorrow, and his play with words.
Dave Eggers - for his stream of consciousness and inner dialogue. I can identify with him.
Margaret Atwood - for her ability to make nearly all situations and characters recognizable no matter where or what time period they take place.
Philip Roth - for his ability to take real people and make them into characters. Granted, some people never speak to him after he does it, but while I've never heard of anyone suing him for it, I admire him for not caring if they sue him or speak to him afterwards.

Not a peep out of the next door neighbors today. Today's movie was Fast Food Nation.

I actually got to sit down this evening and update my calendar in my Palm Pilot. My husband has been bored but I don't really find the time these days to do such mundane things so I grab it while I can.

I'm also caught up on Heroes. Right now it's one of my favorite shows. Each week more and more of the mysteries are revealed regarding all of the connections. It's a treat when I get to watch the show.
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