August 3rd, 2004


Monday's Mouthful!

I had hoped to get back to this last night, but I was just to tired after doing some work and went straight to bed.

Yesterday was a nonstop madhouse at work. Three companies had down/unavailable systems, I was trying to do billing, and I kept getting updates on employees that would not sign our nondisclosure/noncompete/nonsolicitation agreement. If they didn't sign, they were essentially handing in their resignation. Of the two people that had refused all week to sign, one of them did change their mind. I wish I didn't have to lose any employees over it, but I can understand why someone wouldn't sign it.

I only worked until 6pm last night (*smiles* I'm scheduled to work until 4:30pm) and then I rushed home so I could get to the library with my husband. We goofed off there and found me some books on tape. They count towards my summer reading club total and they make the drive home from work seem much shorter.

Dinner was at Champps. We were going to go to a place in the Short North area but there was no parking that we could find. We go to Champps once every six months or so. I was spoiled and got a strawberry daiquiri with my meal. It was a hot day.

I left my reports notebook at work, so I didn't get to work as much on work last night as I could have. I'm going to get to work at my scheduled time in an effort to get the reports done that are due today before 11am.

I'm supposed to help interview a few individuals but I'm not certain that will happen. The other management team ignores me, forgets about me, or thinks I'm too busy. So even when I've accepted interview times, they still don't call me to let me know interviewees are here.

I'm looking forward to hearing a book on tape today!
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