August 9th, 2004


More Weekend Fun

Today I read a magazine in bed before I started the day. I found a recipe for sauteed chicken I'd like to make. We're out of honey so I'll need to get that at the store tomorrow.

I went to the new CVS store that was built to replace the old one. It's closer to where we live. I probably should have walked there, but I was hungry and wanted to get my errands done there as quickly as possible.

Read some newspapers, got to watch Saturday's Big Brother and last Sunday's Entourage. Let me tell you, things are happening in Big Brother! We got to see Jase chew out Adria and then see her twin sister join the houseguests. On a second viewing (they showed his reaction on Thursday) it's confirmed; he had tears in his eyes when he realized how badly he had screwed up.

I got to take a nap today. Yay!

We had penne pasta for dinner before I had to login tonight. We completed Trials 1 and 2 in the Halls of Honor. In Trial 3 we got the dragon down to 1% when we completely wiped. I'm up way to late because this took so long. It was our first time, so it's no wonder that it's late and I'm tired.

Let's see...

Oh, Thursday my friend in WI sent me Memorial Day pictures of me and her daughter. She's so cute! I will ask my father-in-law to print one off for me.

I haven't lost weight in a few weeks and I admitted to my husband that I'm not eating as well as I should. He said he hadn't either. We were both doing very well for a while and have maintained by not doing our exercise and not watching what we've been eating. While I was at the store I bought some fruit and yogurt. One of my favorite snacks is vanilla yogurt and strawberries. Who knew eating healthy could be so good? I should have gotten some lunch meat too so I could bring a sandwich to work - I'm spending too much at lunch. I'm not usually in the mood for peanut butter and jelly. Maybe later this week I'll bring one of those to work.

I'm going to peruse the online advertisements for the grocery stores and make my list for the week. Maybe this week I'll actually get there.

Blogging had an article today on Blogging and the couple that made some of the first client software for it. My husband had mentioned to me that I might like a different format where I can post what book I'm reading or the album I'm listening to at a glance. I like the idea, but I figure the only way I can do it is to either pay for my LiveJournal account or really get into customizing the look which I might have to pay for. Either way, it costs money. I found a style I liked but it's not on LiveJournal. It's on TypePad which was used in an article of The Onion. I can't really view other people's LiveJournal's unless I know their IDs so I've been kind of stuck for inspiration on how to change the way mine looks.

I've been using LochJournal as my client software and I found out today it only detects music in WinAmp. I had to laugh at that as I don't have WinAmp installed. In fact, I haven't had WinAmp in years. So, now you know I really do listen to music when typing up things in my LiveJournal - you just can't know what it is I listen to!

The neighbors on one side of us are gone. They were rather quiet as far as neighbors go. The maintenance men are working on the basement today. I wonder if they will put in central air conditioning like they have with the other apartments recently?

Well, that's all I can think of for now.
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