August 25th, 2004



I considered post dating my entries because it's been so long since I've made any, but I think that would be cheating. So I'll make separate entries.

Monday - August 16th
I finished all of my reports at work so tonight we went out for pizza and two movies. I was hesitant about the pizza because the last time we went it wasn't the greatest. We found a New York style place around the corner from one of our favorite theaters. The crust is crispy and about as thin as the cardboard you'd find on a pad of paper. The secret is to get the extra cheese and drink Coke!

I half jokingly requested Sleepover for our movie. We saw Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring. It was okay. I liked the scenery.

The second one we saw was BAADASSSSS. Now I know why Sweetback kept having sex with every woman he met. In order to not have to use a union movie crew (which would have been all caucasian and cost $$$) and be able to screen the movie in peace, they had to pretend they were filming a porno. I can only imagine the kind of impact it made upon the different communities that were aware of the film. I've not really watched much of the Blackxploitation movies but I have to give the people who made them credit for trying something different.

More Gah!

Tuesday - August 17th
I finished writing my final employee reviews on Friday. It occurred to me that I hadn't gotten them back from HR with comments on them. Hmm. So I asked Amy, our HR person. My manager never gave her the final ones. Blech on my boss.

I played EQ as one of my alternates and role-played for a bit. My neutral alter-ego made level 30. I didn't realize Gunthak had such a steady stream of mobs. Of course, it helps to have a cleric nearby.

I got really mad at my husband. He was to go to a concert at his work. I thought he needed to leave at 8pm but it was really 8:30pm. I kept asking him if he'd changed his mind about going. He had told me what time he had to leave but it didn't sink in. Sometimes I get ideas in my head and nearly nothing can shake them out. This is one trait of my mother that I wish I didn't have.


Wednesday - August 18th
Today I gave my first performance review. I had given them to the team last year, but they were all written by someone else. I had a goal to finish them on Friday and one person was going to be off the rest of the week. After Friday I don't want to think about them until 2005.

My HR person (Amy again) gave me a compliment which was one of the nicest things that anyone had said to me in a while at work. It was very sincere. Amy said that I put the most thought into mine and it was obvious that I knew the people that reported to me. Sometimes my boss will say I did a nice job or thank me for doing something, but this was different. I guess... I just felt appreciated for a change. I don't feel like that often at work.

Tonight I made chicken on the George Foreman grill. It was marinated in soy sauce and garlic. Yummy! My husband was at a movie at his work so I could load on as much garlic as I wanted. He's not a big garlic fan.

Afterwards I logged into EQ and moved myself around to be in place for a Saryrn raid the next night. I helped a friend of a friend with an epic fight and my little rogue character (Beaenie) spent some time in the Temple of Droga to gain some experience and some faction. I really wasn't planning on playing but somehow that's what I ended up doing.

Wait... Wait.... Don't Tell Me!

Thursday - August 19th
As a surprise for me, my husband entered his name into a ticket drawing at work for Wait Wait Don't Tell Me tickets. If you've never heard the show, you are really missing out on some intelligent radio. I hadn't heard of NPR until my junior year in college. Another RA was a beauty contestant and she'd listen to NPR in the mornings to keep up on current events. I thought it was interesting but didn't pay much attention to it until I was married and my husband would turn the radio to it on Saturdays.

My favorite shows on Saturdays are Whad'ya Know, Car Talk, and Wait Wait Don't tell me! While I was involved in a summer reading program at the library I even rented a Car Talk audiotape to listen in the car. For some reason, I thought it was Whad'ya Know that was coming to town.

With Wait Wait Don't tell Me, you get limericks, quotes, and funny news stories. My husband won the tickets but I had already made plans to go to the Saryrn raid. It started late though, and I thought I could get through the show and make it to the raid on time. Wrong!

Oddly enough, it never occurred to me that the show wasn't taped live each Saturday. The two hosts came out, chatted with the audience, introduced the panelists (Adam Felber, Roxanne Roberts and Mo Rocca) and then started the show. After the show, their producers had them retell jokes, etc where the sound quality wasn't that good. The last part of the evening was a Q & A session. We left while they were doing the retakes. With buffing, etc. I made it to the Saryrn raid just before they started moving out.

It was my first trip and the first for many in my alliance. Saryrn beat us the first time but we picked right up and got her good! It was one of the first times in a long time that I'd been pumped up after a raid.