August 31st, 2004


What's Up? Not Much!

Monday, August 23rd

Tonight I stayed home. I had my Tuesday reports done before I left work today. I had an officer meeting for the Clan. About half of the Officers/High Council showed up. Thanks to my handy dandy parsing software, I was able to get a meeting transcript to the Officers within minutes of the meeting being concluded. I have some new people to contact regarding Officerships!

About noon today I realized my lower back and the back of my thighs were sore. I had a new employee start today. She seems nice. I hope she stays! (The last person at her desk worked a week and a half before he stopped showing up.)

My main customer is on a vacation this week and returns September 1st. I am going to be so productive that it isn't funny. See? I've already done my weekly reports when no one was looking!

More Not Much

Tuesday, August 24th

Beaenie, my little rogue, is in a different guild than my other characters as a chance to get a break from being the one in charge. It was suggested that we make Tuesdays LDoN nights for the characters in their 50s. This was to be the first week. The guild leader smacked it down as he started an alliance with another guild on the server. It was decided that Tuesday nights would be the alliance nights. Sure, it's good to make sure quality time is spent with other members of an alliance. I just didn't like the way the entire thing came about. To my knowledge, no communications was done, just "Hey, we're raiding X on this night and it's the first raid of our alliance." What happened to members having a say in their guild?

Even More Not Much!

Wednesday, August 25th

Tonight my monk arranged for the Clan to go out to the Maiden's Eye for a hunt. The purpose was dual. First, I wanted to get Kurilya some items she needs for her epic. Second, I wanted to get some new belts for those who have need of upgrades.

Pulling was something different. The aggro radius is large and I remember when Nosferum pulled by the fortress that he died a lot more than Lanladori did. Not so surprisingly, I showed up at the last minute to find nearly everyone was there already. That seems to happen a lot no matter how early I try to login. I'm checking message boards one last time before logging in or end up replying to an email or something. It's almost as though my having a faster computer is encouraging or enabling me to be tardy.

My husband took the day off work so he could code information into a database for his internet friends who are making decisions about what movies to see at the Toronto International Film Festival. It's weird to not be going because last year he was so insistent that he didn't want to go without me. After deciding not to go the entire time and take an extra trip to New York this year, he thinks I won't have fun. He might be right. I don't know. I hope he finds time to update his blog while he's gone so I know what he's seen and who he's met.

Wendy called me back today and said she can't meet up next Wednesday. She's already scheduled her hair appointment to get her roots done, hair cut, etc. Sometimes I wish I could just get rid of my own gray hair and other times I just don't think about it.