September 8th, 2004


More Stuff

Saturday, August 28th

I know I did something with my husband during the morning and the afternoon, but I can't recall what it might have been. In the evening, I logged into EQ and did a Halls of Honor trial (the big dragon one!) and stayed to help with another one. After that, we killed the even bigger dragon in Plane of Valor. It was frustrating that the corpse retrieval and gathering process took so long.

I was made the lead Shaman but none of the experienced raid leaders could tell me what was slowable in the Halls of Honor. I was sent out to pull Aerin'Darr but it didn't work right. Even with my Extended Range IV item, I had to get real close to try and pull him/her. It was Savidlin's arrows that got it's attention - not my slowing spell. Afterwards, I updated a storyline file I had regarding what could be slowed by different shaman spells. It took a few hours. I went to bed at 4:00am. I know, I know... I'm crazy. The dog was so cute. Beginning about 2am he kept coming into the hallway and the computer room to check on me. I posted the zipped storyline file to my alliance web site in hopes that not only would other Shaman find it valuable information, the other raid leaders would download it so they could answer questions from Shamans that don't have it!

Sunday Fun

Sunday, August 29th

Today was the day of toilet problems! It's never been a great toilet. The water pressure isn't wonderful. When we had people over every few months, I was always worried that one time someone would use it, and it wouldn't flush so well, leaving a "present" for the next person.

I ended up going to bed at 7am this morning, so I was napping when it overflowed. My husband did a good job cleaning up. He even managed to pick a bath towel that (1) didn't match the 12 matched sets we have and (2) we could throw away with no problem doing so! Before we got married, his Grandmother Dorothy bought us two large bath towels - they're the kind that you could wrap around your body two times. She said that it was always nice to have extras and she's been right.

The evening was spent cleaning up the bathroom for our maintenance people. I did everything but scrub the floor. I had planned on cleaning it soon - it was on a list my husband and I made a few weeks ago, so it's no big deal that I did it tonight.

Skipping Ahead

Monday - whenever
The rest of the week... my main customer at work didn't come back from vacation until September 1st. During that time, I monitored a bunch of calls, I created a spreadsheet to show who I monitored that week, updated some tip sheets for different customers, ran some reports, and managed to lose a card filing system at home. After my main customer came back, I've received multiple complaints about one of my employees, and the news was given to me that the customer might be going away. They put out a RFP (Request for Proposal) back in May for their hardware break/fix and Help Desk services (although their contract for Help Desk services with us doesn't expire until December 2005) and wanted to have a decision by July. July came and went. They were to have a decision by August 16th. August 16th came and went. They sent my counterpart in the Hardware Break/Fix division a letter stating that their services were no longer needed after October 31st.

The maintenance men came on the apartment on Monday and fixed the toilet. It flushes! Yay! And they also fixed (permanently it seems) the stopper in our sink. The last time they looked at the sink, they removed the stopper. My husband looked at it, and accidently dropped the stopper back in. hehe Now we can use the bathroom sink again.

While chatting with my husband about the toilet incident, he mentioned that he thinks it's about time we move. It's been something I've wanted to do for a while now, but due to financial constraints I didn't really think it would be a possibility until next summer. I've tried to be frugal - I'm great with coupons - but it seems like we never really get to put much money aside into the bank. My parents have offered to let us live with them rent free (we'd have to contribute to groceries, water, etc.) but they are so far out in the country. When we went there in July for a day, I walked around the garden with my dad and got a tick on me. I found another one about 15 minutes after we got home. Right now we can get away with not giving our dog tick/flea medicine because I'm allergic to it but out there we'd have to do it.


This morning I got to sleep in. I told my boss that I had to take my husband to the airport. That was a little lie. I had to take him to his boss' house so a co-worker could drop them off at the airport. So I was kind of taking him to the airport. :)

We packed his things last night. I also found the dog's antibiotic medicine for his ears and paws. It's supposed to stop a yeast infection. From licking his paws so much he is in danger of getting them on his paws. Ick! But as I mentioned before, I lost my card filing system. My mother had gotten me an organizer with birthdays, anniversaries, etc. listed in it for each month. Each month has a pocket where you can put cards. I did so good and bought all my cards for this month! And now I can't send them out since I lost it. Blech. Whoever said cleaning and getting organized was a good thing is really crazy. Only kidding - I'm starting to feel like a real person again now that the bathroom is fully functional.

Anyway, we actually got to leave a few minutes before we needed to and he said that it was good because he could do something for me. We stopped at the gas station and he filled up the tank to his car. I was crying because he's so sweet. The half hour drive to work each day drives me crazy, the car didn't have much gas in it and I told him I'd drive it a few days while he was gone. The air conditioning works in his car and I thought we might have some hot days though today was rain followed by more rain.

At his boss' house I just wanted to keep kissing him. I hate it when we're apart for a few days because I don't have my best friend around to talk to about silly things. We love to watch The Amazing Race together so we can crack on Colin and feel sorry for Colin's girlfriend. Okay, okay, I'm getting sidetracked.

It was nice to come into work a little bit late. It was very relaxing. The day was hectic. My friend Elizabeth asked me if I wanted to go to lunch with her, so we went to Wendy's. Lunch with Elizabeth is a rare treat. She's someone that I would socialize with outside of work. While at lunch, she told me that I need to read the comic strip Get Fuzzy. Satchel, the dog in it, makes her think of our dog. He's sweet tempered, wants to be everyone's friend but sometimes gets taken advantage of. I've not really read it because the drawing style makes me think of Bloom County in the old days when it was just getting started.

My main customer was out during the morning for jury duty but was dismissed and was at work in the afternoon. My boss is on my back to meet our ACD (automatic call distribution) stats this month for that customer and another one. I've been "taking one for the team" each month by letting my customers have poor stats. Now that my main customer is complaining and we gave money back to the other one, it's now my problem to fix. Right.

I tried to leave work early but people kept coming up to me with questions. I only got to walk out the door 10 minutes early. I went to the pharmacy on the way home to pick up a prescription and I debated on getting my mother a birthday card. Her birthday is tomorrow. I opted with calling her tonight instead.

After I got home I took the dog for his walk around the block and called her. She was surprised! Now, if I only I could find her birthday card.... I had planned on asking if she'd like to stay the night on Friday but the bed fell off the bedframe the other night so I don't want that hassle. My in-laws are getting us a new box springs and mattress when my husband gets back from his trip. We talked until 6:30pm and then I puttered around on the PC fo a bit, answering emails, etc. Then at 7pm I was starving and I made a pepperoni/sausage/bacon Stoffer's French Bread pizza for dinner. Yum! Yum!

I called the library and signed up for a creative writing workshop on the 16th. I called Wendy, my ex-neighbor, and got her answering machine. I let her know I signed up for the workshop and said I'd talk to her later. I think she's avoiding me when it comes to getting together and writing. It was her idea, but I guess she never thought I'd actually follow through on it. While looking at the October calendar I noticed the library is having a beginner's knitting class. I might sign up for it, but $25 might be a steep investment for something I've not tried before and don't know if I want to do it again. I'm slightly resistant to the idea because I remember my mother going to knitting class when I was young. I know it's silly, but sometimes I feel like I'm just so much like her that I have to try and be different at times.

I ate my yummy dinner while watching yesterday's episode of Trading Spouses. I also taped What a Girl Wants for watching later. I was going to call an EQ friend as I heard that she recently disbanded her role-playing guild an another server and was so upset by it, that she was going incognito. She's been unemployed for a while - about two months ago I offered a home to her and anyone else from her guild that would like to come to my server but she didn't take me up on it. There is a three hour time difference so while waiting, I got caught up in a IM conversation with another friend.

Around 10pm the dog started acting antsy. He doesn't like it when we both aren't home. I think I will do a report thingie for work and go to bed. It should only take 30 minutes or so.

I think I might need new glasses again. Last night while installing some Kodak software on the PC I had a hard time seeing the installation progress bar. The top part was green and the bottom part was yellow to me. Tonight I've felt like the monitor is a little fuzzy. The time without my husband should go quickly since I didn't ask for any time off work like I normally do.
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