September 24th, 2004



I had some strange dreams last night and the last one made me lie in bed until my alarm went off. No snooze for me today.

The first one I was in high school but the kids looked like they were in a TV sitcom. It was a school that required uniforms. My boyfriend and two of our friends pretended they had gone to an informational fair and were wearing stickers that they got there. My boyfriend held up a clear plastic bag with the words "Parents Only" written in magic marker on one of the sheets. He started reading it and said it was about STDs. Our science teacher just asked him to put it away. I told him after class that there was no such fair and if he didn't like the way someone dressed or acted that he should just tell the person that.

The next dream I am married to my husband, and we're relaxing in our cramped apartment which is in a suburban area. He calls someone and leaves a message. Then my ex-neighbor walks in. She talks about how she went bowling last night and left her shoes there. She had walked out with the bowling shoes and she needed to pick up some things from us. I leave the apartment and go outside where I meet Ben Stein as he walks by a yellow fire hydrant. He's taller and looks a little bit mean. I know him and his wife has divorced him. I get the impression that I slept with him at some point. He talks about his ex-wife, the divorce and how much money she got. He gives me $20. My ex-neighbor comes downstairs, meets Ben Stein, and they go off together to get to know one another.

In the next one I am at work. I'm walking down the main aisleway between the two cubicle parts of the room. An old employee of mine who is now on another team says, "Hey, I want to send you this link. It's a site that lists 2197568 ways to make your sex life better." With surprise, I come back to where he has stuck his head out of the aisle. "Um okay."

Now I am walking down this suburban road with my husband. I see a 5lb dumb bell on the ground. It looks like part of the dumb bell is missing on one side so the weight is no longer evenly distributed and may not be 5 lbs anymore. I kick it and it rolls up the road hitting the front tire of a person riding a 10-speed bike. He snarls at me and I apologize as I didn't mean to hit him. I ask my husband where the dumb bell went and he points at the grate stuck into the curb. Half of the grate is gone. We continue walking.

We are now in a school room that doesn't look like a school room. It's setup like a simple restaurant. Tables with chairs but no condiments or napkins on the tables. We've been asked to help film something for his family. We stand in front of a table where his grandfather sits. Fajita fixings are in front of him. While we talk to him a family friend ~DL~ comes around us and stands behind his grandfather. I think, "She looks good for her age." We are both surprised to see her. We get the giggles as we hear others in the room have their different conversations. They are filming us and we try not to laugh. We openly watch these other conversations. When the filming is over, we turn to talk to his grandfather again. He's face down in the rice and sour cream. One of the film makers smacks him around and says he fell asleep.

I am married to an African American who I don't know but looks like a friend I had in college. We have been married for 10 years. He says goodbye to me and says he's going to see his little boy. He's had an affair with a woman who looks like Nia Long. The baby is 1 - 2 years old. I tell him I want to see the boy but I'm not ready yet for it. I sit in a pew in a church I do not recognize. I am the only caucasian there. I am wearing a sundress. The people in front of me are talking about the people in church. They say I look like I'm in my 40s and someone disagrees and says I look like I'm in my 50s. The pastor sits near me and I throw three fingers at him twice to indicate I am 33. He tries to tell them that I am 33 but they don't believe him. They talk about how I've been married for 10 years but my husband has a young baby with someone else. They say white women are selfish and only care about their careers. I get up and go to the bathroom. As I pee I look down at my underwear. I'm two weeks early and I've had an accident. There is a knock on the door and then the door is pried off the hinges. There is no longer any privacy allowed in the bathroom at church. I'm told it's to symbolize how open we are to God. I try to wrap toilet paper around the crotch of my underwear but the woman yammering in my ear is distracting me and then the dream ends.

The last dream I am at home in the bathroom. I am in a pink terrycloth bathrobe. The son of my problem employee is there and he asks if there is anything he can do. I explain to him that I don't have anything but there are some games and puzzles he can play with in another room. He leaves. His mother and her best friend climb into the bathtub and sit down. They are naked but I only notice their faces. The shower comes on and sprays me all over the face. The front of my hair is soaked. I place a towel over the curtain rod to try and stop the water. I do not know why there is no shower curtain. I get it up on one side, then slide the towel down to the other. This works. I use another towel to dry my hair. There are glass blocks behind the water faucet and now the towel is gone. My problem employee tells me the bath tub would be better if it didn't have the glass blocks. It's then that I notice a corner shower with one of those frosted doors behind the bath tub. If you're in the bath tub facing the faucets you can see into the shower. The image is blurred and stretched, but you can still see in.

I turn away and am trying to style my hair. It is a new style for me. She stands in front of me and says, "You're hair doesn't work. You're trying to be young which is just making you look old. This doesn't work for you at all." She grabs part of my hair and cuts it with the scissors I didn't notice before. I turn to the mirror but she holds up a non-stick skillet so I can't see it. I push it away. The shag haircut I had is no longer shaggy on one side and I scream that she's ruined it. It's flat in that one area. I run out of the room into a dressing room area. Thoughts race through my mind. She's in front of me. I wind up for a smack and stop just short of her jaw. My fist clenches and falls to my side. I tell her, "I'm sorry I lost my temper. You said some hateful hurtful things to me. You are not a good guest in my home. Go away." She smirks and has a glint in her eye.

While waiting for the alarm to go off, I can only think that I really need to get a new job so I no longer have to deal with her. Then I realize that she has a problem with presentation. In the dream she said, "You're hair doesn't work. You're trying to be young which is just making you look old. This doesn't work for you at all." She could have said, "That hair style isn't flattering. It's a younger hair cut and does the opposite for you." without cutting the hair. She doesn't know the difference between you're and your in emails which is probably why she talks about you're hair.

She sent an email to me and my friend at work with an attachment that explains what happens to a ticket after we've logged it for that branch. Her email says "This has some really good information. Can we share it with the analysts?" My friend says, "Some applies but most doesn't." I don't respond. I think I can see what her point is. She responds to us, "It was just a thought. We get questions from the analysts sometimes and I thought this might help." My friend replied back, "I'm sorry - I didn't know you get those kinds of questions unless you tell me. Now your email makes more sense." I think I have to remind her of high school essays. Tell them what you are going to tell them. Tell them. Recap what you've told them. Emails with no context make no sense.