October 6th, 2004


Cold Again

This morning was cold again, but I think it was mainly because my husband stole the blankets.

Sometimes I don't like the cold but I know I am blessed because I had somewhere to sleep the night before. For some time now I've seen a homeless man outside my husband's work. He'll be stretched out with his sleeping bag, trying to sleep and not bother anyone. He passed away several weeks ago and an email was sent out to my husband's work:

"Some of you may want to know that Dave Goldfarb, the homeless man and unofficial Mershon plinth resident for many years, - passed away 2 weeks ago. A memorial service is planned for tomorrow evening at 6:30 pm. It will be held in the chapel at Maize Manor United Methodist Church - (Maize Rd.)"

After work yesterday I ate dinner and played EQ for a bit. My husband came home about 9:30pm and watched the debate. He was hysterical with laughter at times because of it. We watched The Real World together and I read more of my book.

Nothing planned tonight but cuddling with my sweetheart.
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