December 4th, 2004


So Sleepy!

I've been up since before 8am and I'm starting to get a little sleepy.

This morning I had to rush to my husband's work. They started the movies for the kids at 10am. They showed a short American film with several Iranian short films to kick off the day. Then they had activities for them and started Nightjohn by Charles Burnett at noon.

A few days ago, one of the members of my High Council let me know that he'd be leaving my EverQuest guild. That same day, I noticed another High Council member had given two of his three characters the designation of retired in his signature. With no Samhain celebration this year, I knew we would not have a holiday gift exchange. I let the High Council know that I have no plans to disband the guild, no matter how small it gets. Sony Online Entertainment will have to do that for me. Back when people left for DAoC to have five people on at a time was a big deal since it was usually just me and maybe one other person. With people leaving for EverQuest II and WoW (though at least one officer seemed to want to stubbornly stay in EverQuest, he spends most of his nights in EQII) at the same time, it's just too large of a blow, I think. After the holidays I'll have a better idea of who will be around, but I think it will just be a handful of people playing their characters. Guild chat will be lonely, but I've felt that before and I'm in private channels now where there is no one else anyway.

This morning I found out a friend had cancelled his accounts. I wasn't surprised to find it out, but I was surprised on how I found it out. I read it in his LJ.

So, kinda feeling sad, I went to the first of the movies today. Now, my husband and I have likened going to the movies as being similar in nature to a religious service. Everyone sits in their sits facing the front. The lighting encourages one to ruminate on what is being shown. For the most part, people give their attention to what is before them.

The kids were amazing. I love going to kids movies because the kids are so great. The auditorium was loud with children's noises. Some were talking, finding seats, coughing, etc. As soon as the lights went down, the silence was an expectant one. When the first reel began to play, they got settled into their seats and let themselves be carried away. Their observations and simple ways cheer me up.

After the movie I did some shopping in their bookstore and picked up gifts for three people. At least one more person can be crossed off my gift shopping list. I got an item or two for my husband but I'm not done with his shopping yet.

I've been writing every few days and read some of it to my husband the other night.

Work has been crazier than usual. On top of my HR nightmare, I have an employee who is really sick. She left work early one day in a hurry because she felt so ill. She went to urgent care and they said she had a heart arrhythmia which was caused by a panic attack or worse. She went to her family doctor the next day for tests and I haven't heard from her so I'm leaning towards it being something worse. She was having problems with some cosmetic surgery she had done so I'm not sure if the two are related in anyway.

Last night I went to bed with a belly ache. My husband was at the movies and I stayed at work to get things done during the quiet of the evening. I was invited out for drinks with some employees and people from two other departments but when I got done I was ready to eat and go home. As I told my husband, I'll take my chances that they'll think I'm rude and don't want to spend time with them instead of going to get a drink, staying for 20 minutes and leaving.

I went to BW3 and ordered enough food for both of us. He had gone to White Castle thinking I had already eaten. I ate all of the buffalo chips and all of the onion rings since I knew they wouldn't taste the same the next day. I ate it all over a period of several hours, but boy was my stomach complaning. :)
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