January 9th, 2005



The meeting on Friday to review the Level 3 Snow Day wasn't so bad. We mainly discussed laws in the state of Ohio, what we can do better next time, etc.

I got to leave early on Friday but the locks on one car were frozen so my husband had the working car and he couldn't leave early. We went to Skylineafter he picked me up where I had a yummy chili spaghetti. My husband complained that he got too much.

Yesterday we went to one of the new "hot" restaurants in town. It's called the Northstar Cafe and it's located in the Short North area. It uses organic food in it's dishes. We showed up around 2:30pm which allowed us to order from the breakfast (served until 3pm) or the brunch menu (served from 11am to 3pm). Lunch/Dinner is served from 3pm to later. We were there for a while so we got to see all of the menus. I tried the ricotta pancakes and bacon. They had good water. My husband had their veggie burger which was made with black beans, beets, rice and a few other things. They have a large magazine stand which had plenty of reading material.

I learned that dutch cocoa seems to be preferred to regular processed cocoa. Shiba Inus are dogs that always need to be on a leash, rarely learn the "Come" command, would rather stand on you than cuddle with you, and acts aloof until it's owner is gone; then it has to know where the owner is located. My brother and his wife could not have picked a worse dog for their household. I also learned that dogs rarely travel in straight lines by nature. They like to sniff things so if you let two dogs off a leash, they'll walk beside each other with a foot or two of room in between them. Suddenly Zilla's walks with his girlfriend, Grendel, made sense. They were always crossing over each other, and inevitably one would wind up a few feet in front of the other one.

We saw Loulou and To Our Lives. I probably prefer Loulou but they were both well done and very French. :)

After the movie, we were both hungry so I was going to get something from Wendy's and my husband would eat something from home. He made a promise not to eat fast food while he's in a contest with his coworkers. He got something besides a fruit cup and somehow it's my fault that he ate fast food so quickly after January 3rd. Sometimes I don't understand how people think.

In May I got a credit card to help re-establish our credit and I saw the bill yesterday for it. I was upset because (1) the balance is not a lot less than it was in September and (2) it had a late fee on it. The whole idea was to (1) have it for emergencies and (2) help re-establish our credit. We wanted to get a TV last year around the time of the Superbowl but all we had were our student loans. I thought if we wanted to try to get the TV again, we'd have about 6 months worth of payments on a credit card. We've talked about leaving our apartment this summer for a house, but we have to get some good credit behind us. Well, there went both of those ideas.

My husband is out of town today. I have so many options of what to do, I'm like a kid in a candystore. I don't know which option to go with first. I have movies I can go see, housework to do, writing to get done, exercising to do, etc.
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*gets out a box of tissues*

I just came back from watching Finding Neverland. I don't think I've cried this much since seeing Before Sunset. I thought it would just be about the inspiration of Peter Pan. It's the main device behind the story but it's about love, loss, death, imagination, childhood, etc.

This afternoon would be a beautiful time to take a walk, but I feel like crawling into bed and wallowing in my thoughts and writing. The sun is actually shining but I have tales to write about the snow bridge in my neighborhood, the scary child at the library and Amish hip-hop wear.

I decided a while ago that if I were to include a dog in any of my stories, it could only be a Corgi. I've lived with one so long, and my dog memories are mainly from my life with one that he'd have to make a special appearance.

Around Christmas time I was struck by my mentions of my dead brother to my husband since I never speak about him. He's been dead 10 years so I don't know if I'm at a point where I'm ready to deal with what happened to my child self during that time period, if it's just less painful to talk about now, or if my relationship with my husband is such a stable, healthy one that it's okay for me to talk about my brother and not pretend that he didn't exist because of all the questions it brings up.
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