February 10th, 2005


*Hopes her stuffy nose will drain*

I must have been tired this morning. I only remember hitting snooze once but according to the clock, I hit it about 7 times. :)

We had the gnocchi from the North Market last night. It and the sauces were really yummy. I think we might start adding that place into our food rotation. My breath this morning smells like garlic.

Angel and Buffy have gotten really interesting. I will say that we saw the musical episode. It was great to see the plot advanced so much with all of the songs. I won't say anything else since I know at least one of you is in the process of watching them also.
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Hate it

I hate pissy emails from customers. I took the afternoon off and just checked my email where a customer wants a quarterly meeting as soon as possible. We were due to have one in January but she was too busy putting together laptops for a rollout to her sales people.

First she didn't like it when our analysts were sending over emails. That's been fixed. They all pretty much come from me now. Two days ago she yelled at someone from one of our branches because I held up a ticket because it didn't have the serial number in it. She told me last month that the branch was getting too many tickets without the serial number. I can't win.

I want a new job.

I want more money.
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