February 24th, 2005



I was surprised to wake up this morning and look out the window to see snow on the ground.

I have no idea what the day has in store for me though I know work will be busy. It's been busy all week. A part of me thinks I shouldn't have taken time off on Monday because I'm productive when my main customer has the day off. But the other part of me feels that it was a good thing to get away and not worry about what stupid mistakes people were making. For example, when I spoke to her on Tuesday she asked "The details in this ticket are very good... but should it have taken thirty minutes to write it?" Um... the guy types with one hand so it takes him a really long time to get tickets in. I could make him take a typing course which could improve his typing or make him worse. Or I could take him off the account but that would mean I'd only have one person taking calls for my main customer at 6am. On the other hand, the two people who log into the phone queue at that time are almost always late. And for another point of view... he's one of the people that was supposed to be laid off earlier this month.

Last night I played EverQuest for a few hours. We did some epic fights in Gates of Discord and Omens of War. I have barely set foot in the GoD lands. The content/zones seem to be for quests and raids. I am usually horrible at finding information on quests.

Today my (present) boss is supposed to take me and the two other people doing the same work as me to lunch to discuss restructuring our department. My peer is in Atlanta for another 4 to 8 weeks. The other two people have different job functions and titles, but since I can't do everything, they're stuck with some of my job too. I'm kind of exhausted on the topic so I don't know what I will have to say.

One of my references let me know that he hadn't heard from anyone yet.

I'm sure there is more rattling around my head but I'm looking at the clock and feeling the pressure to get ready for work.
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Do you ever feel like items are just doomed to become lost when they are in your possession?

For instance, I lost an opal necklace one of my uncle's bought me when he was in New Zealand. He bought one for me, my grandmother and my two aunts. I either lost it while babysitting down the street or I took it off and placed it in a zippered pocket in my clothes bag and it fell out somehow. This was around 8th grade. When I was in college, a good friend of mine from Hong Kong returned from Christmas break with a silver chain necklace for me with a jade coin on it. It was a present from her mother, whom I had never met. It is supposed to bring good luck. Right around the time I started dating my husband I lost it. The only time I took it off was in my bedroom and no one has found it. Here is a strange one: I'm constantly losing clothes. I don't go to a gym. I don't keep extra clothes at work or in my car. We've always had a washer and dryer of our own. Somehow in this two-bedroom apartment I lose clothes! While I was cleaning this summer, I found three of my favorite, most professional looking skirts. They were in a storage box that my mother packed when she stayed here... four years ago. Today's missing items would be my writing pads. I write my stories in long hand and I had an essay about Buckeyes I wanted to revise and post for my writing group.
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