March 12th, 2005



I'm a happy girl for a while. Earlier in the week we watched the rest of Buffy and Angel (seasons six and three).

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At one library, I'm number 69 on the waiting list for season seven of Buffy. At another I'm number 1. Angel season four is available at both places.

Friday I went to see the doctor and he gave me good news. I was worried I had pneumonia. I have my first ever sinus infection. The antibiotic he gave me is huge. It's as big as my thumb knuckle. (You have your choice of either end of the thumb.) I have to take it twice a day.

I've seen Project Grizzly, The Herd, Harvard Man, and Cruel Intentions between Friday and today. Take my advice; don't see Harvard Man. My husband is having dinner tonight with Peter Lynch, the director of Project Grizzly and The Herd, and I've been invited along. I know the food will be good, but I'm not sure how I'll feel and whether or not I'll be good company. I accidently woke my husband up from a nap this afternoon from a coughing fit I had.

This afternoon I went looking for a friend on IM to find out the results of his MRI from last Saturday. He wasn't around, though.
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I forgot! I went to a book reading/signing by Michelle Herman. It was her 50th birthday and it was quite crowded since her students were there as were several faculty members. I recognized Lee K. Abbott. My husband took an English course with him at OSU which I sat in on. I don't remember why and he doesn't remember which course. There were a few days his senior year at college when I went to class with my boyfriend-who-later-became-my-husband.

I bought both of her new books but I only had her sign one. I'll take the second one with me to a reading she's giving next month at Barnes and Noble. The reading was enjoyable. She has a good singing voice. :)