May 29th, 2005


It works!

The air conditioner was completely installed on Friday. Friday evening we ended up using it while playing online poker. It was weird to have cool air come out of the vents instead of hot air.
I checked the basement and while it is a little bit of a mess, they did do some cleanup, at least.

I made a few dollars at the poker table but it wasn't anything to brag home about. I played a 9-seat tournament and at a table. It was practice for the game we had with my husband's family today.

This week I began to read Brick Lane by Monica Ali. It's very spellbinding.

This morning, before getting up for the day, I pulled our little footstool over by one of the windows. I drew the blinds and got to watch my street for a bit. The sun was on my face, and I could hear the music from the art gallery/recording studio across the street. If I leaned out a little bit, I could see the purple petunias on our front porch. It was a very calm and centering way to start my day.