June 7th, 2005


Other Stuff

This weekend I also saw Funny Ha Ha which was funny. :) It's about a girl that's looking for a temporary job and a full time boyfriend. I downloaded Dungeon Siege II beta but don't really feel like playing with strangers.

At the pizza place down the street, there is a woman who does a home meals business. She makes the meals and you pick them up and bake them at home. Mostly I've seen meatloaf, salmon and crisp desserts. Today I actually called and placed an order. She left me a message to let me know she got my order and said she'd be working at the library tonight. This just gets cooler and cooler! We like to patronize home based or community based businesses whenever possible.

On the way home I stopped at the local garden store where they were having a sale on herb plants. I got parsley and cilantro for under $4. My first herbs!

Tonight after dinner I played EverQuest for a bit. Got a hearty welcome from an old friend (his wife plays too but it seems she's always in the bazaar when I'm on) who said he was worried I wasn't around anymore. Silly Dark Elf Enchanters!
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