June 11th, 2005


My back...

is killing me and I'm not sure why. I stayed up until almost 2am playing online poker. If it were real money I could have bought my husband an iPod today. After going to bed I kept waking up with charlie horses in my calves. I woke up for kinda-good at 8:30am and went back to bed at 9:30am to take a nap. I took my nap, woke up at 11:15am, bathed, etc. and got ready to go to lunch. Took sinus medicine. Went to lunch at local Chinese restaurant with husband, in-laws and his grandparents. Spent four hours at COSI, ate dinner with husband and in-laws, watched several episodes of Angel and cuddled with the dog. The pain is from my lower back to the middle part of it. Ouch!