June 17th, 2005


Major Ramblings

I actually wrote this on Tuesday, the 14th, but didn't get to the computer to post it.

So, some big things are happening in my department. One thing will make my work life better (already I'm having less abdominal cramping and stress headaches) and the other will make it worse. I can't talk about them yet in case people from work find my LJ and start to panic. Working with younger people, I have even less respect/room for gossip than I used to.

I had a Collapse )

We went to COSI and saw the Titanic exhibit. It was interesting. The wall of ice was creepy because there were some hand prints that were deep into the ice. Did people stand there forever with their hands on the ice or did COSI have some people put on gloves to make the imprints?

We went to the topiary garden with my in-laws. A few weeks ago my husband drove by it and I could see some of the figures there, but this time we all went into the park to look at what was there. Not all of the bushes are grown out yet so you can see the wires used to shape them.

My back has been feeling a lot better after a few hours each night with the heating pad.

I finished the final season of Angel on Monday. I'll be the first one to admit I like my movies and shows to be complete. I like finality even if there are a few things that are ambiguous. I thought it rocked. It was complete for me.

Over the next few weeks my reading output should increase. I signed up for two adult summer reading clubs at two of the three local libraries.

Recently most of my books have been about writing. Some of them have een quite good (I've become a fan of Jack Bickham). My subconscious is kind of letting the information percolate and brew. The last few days I've done phone interviews at work which have been an enlightening experience. Tonight I jotted down a Do's and Don'ts list for the interviewee. I also camp up with a list of places to query.

My husband applied for a job in CALIFORNIA!!! We think he made it through the first round which was phone interviews. For the second round the committee meets and decides which candidates they will fly there for face to face interviews. This has been going on for a month now (as I'm sure you've noticed). The committee is supposed to meet next week. Because I'm on both sides of the interviewing process I've been trying to do phone interviews within two days of getting the resumes.

The dog does not like the air conditioning unit. When it kicks the furnace on he looks at the thermostat and barks. It's both funny and annoying.

With absolutely no intention of doing so, I've managed to kill the cilantro plant. I had the herbs on the kitchen counter. Apparently a very strong ray of light hits the exact spot for several hours each morning. During the winter, we always have snow on the ground at that side of the apartment while the rest of it has melted so I didn't think it would be in danger. No amount of water has been able to revive it. I moved them elsewhere to where I hope it's a little more shady.
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